RC Croydon, in partnership with the Chamber of Croydon Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is supporting the Maroondah City of Wellbeing Programme.

The City of Maroondah and CCCI has identified the need for such a project by declaring wellbeing as a major development priority as part of their vision strategy for the next 30 years. This projectt aims to impact 109,000 citizens across Maroondah. One in five adults experience mental illness in any year in Australia and it is more likely to be closer to one in two young people who experience a mental health episode at any one time.

The Maroondah City of Wellbeing Programme seeks to implement the internationally recognized Plus 10 Program which is shown to build resilience (relief0 and protect against mental illness and suicide. The project will initially focus on disadvantaged / disengaged youth in the community as well as disadvantaged adults subject to isolation and depression. The initial focus will be on schools, sporting cluubs and business.